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Hello and welcome to Einherjar!!! We are a casual and raiding guild. We are a new guild but very experiance members. we do not tolrerate any drama. If you honestly need help on a quest we will help, but if you can do it yourself please dont ask. We help new level 80's get gear and run dailys and weeklys. And once again i would like to welcome you to OUR HOME.
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ICC run successful!

Odenspurge, Aug 7, 10 9:11 PM.

All Quiet on the Argent Front

Hello All! We have down the first four bosses in ICC on our second raid run. I think I speak for all of us when I say Hell YEA!!!

It was quite a night with no wipes and only two resets on Deathbring Saurfang. Marrowgar was a formidable boss as he wiped us on our first attempt, but he failed in his attempts to thort our assault. Lady Deathwhisper however was almost no challenge at all. Her adds came and went as her mana shield was depleting little by little. After the death of Lady Deathwhisper, we moved on to the gunship battle. It was an amazing and well orchestrated fight. Everything went smoothly and before you knew it Orgrimmar's Hammer was crashing into the barren lands of Icecrown. At this point we were satisfied with making it to three of twelve, however we decided to make an attempt at Saurfang with no real determination to bring him down. The first attempt was alright however our absent-minded guild leader was not taunting in the right fashion and we were therefore forced to reset. Our second attempt was going brilliantly when with an unfortunate turn of luck, our tank heals was marked for death. Knowing this would make things way to difficult, we called for another reset. However our third attempt proved fruitfull when we took said Deathbringer down to 48% health before the first mark was set. Unfortunately the battle grew worse as it was one of our beloved druids, Dalarius, was marked for death. Even with Dalarius kissing the ground, we faught on. As the fight raged on, the suspense rose as people started falling. By the time Saurfang had reached 3% about half the raid party was down. It was now or never and everyone DPS their heart out. The epic moment came when Saurfang's axe fell to the ground and the Deathbringer was brought to death.

At that moment a collective cheer erupted amongst the raid as we had achieved far more than we could have believed in our second attempt at the Icecrown Citadel. However, they were only the first four of the fallen, what new horrors lurk in the shadows of ICC? We shall soon find out...


Guild Recruitment

Odenspurge, Jul 28, 10 2:10 AM.

Welcome to the Golden Hall!

We are currently recruiting lvl 70+ toons (alts welcome) of all classes. We are looking for ICC ready players in particular. No experience necessary. High lvl professions are always a plus but not required.

If you are interested in joining please send an in-game mail to Odensvirtue or Brandie.

Thank you and Happy Hunting!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Brandie1690, Jul 28, 10 1:12 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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